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Visualizing Your Success is a Habit

Get into the habit of visualizing your success. Now sitting around and daydreaming in generalizations about it is not what we mean. You need to visualize specifics. To return to the basketball example, daydreaming about being carried off the court on your teammates' shoulders is just daydreaming. Picturing in your mind how you will work a play if your opponent makes a particular move, picturing your exact response to it, is visualizing specifics. If you run through specific moves in your mind, you will be prepared when the need for those moves arises. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to visualize new and better ways to accomplish things, as well. Here in your mind, you can try doing things in ways that are different from the usual. This is a creative process - you may have heard of creative thinking. Training yourself to think creatively is largely learning to let your imagination work on methods that are different from the "way things have always been done." It's bre…
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Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising, although they sound similar, in reality are not. Advertising is only a part of the bigger game called Marketing. Marketing encompasses complete conceptualization of a brand beginning with research, to designing to advertising to sale. Advertising, on the other hand is a component of the marketing process which is  conveying the message through a variety of mediums to promote the product. Advertising is one of the most important components of a marketing strategy and can also be the most expensive. Advertising constitutes sending the message through a variety of means - sharing about your company, product or services. It also constitutes behind the scenes work like the process involving formation of various strategies and coming up with a right one to target the viewers. The strategy consists of planning things like placing ads, deciding what media to use, what time, frequency etc. The advertisements are generally placed via ad channels like televis…
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Your Health: Your Most Important Business Asset

We often take our health for granted. When people are in their teens and twenties, it’s common for them to not even think about health issues or to neglect proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. As they get older, this neglect may catch up to them, resulting in deteriorating health. Unfortunately by the time your health declines, it is often too late to recover. Poor health will rob you of energy, quality of life, and ultimately your business. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to neglect your health. From the start, you should be developing good health habits. Just as you have developed a solid plan for your business, you need to have an effective plan for your well-being. You need to be proactive with your health. This means taking time away from work to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep. Developing good habits takes time and a conscious effort. Start by writing down your goals on paper. What fitness level do you want to achieve? How are you going to exerci…
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Getting organized is the key to Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economic Success

Women Who Work From Home Know that Being Organized is the Key to Success

If you want both your business and your home life to flourish, it is important to get organized. Creating some simple organizational steps can keep you from being swamped with work and overwhelmed with laundry in no time.


Tell your family and friends your work hours and your criteria for availability during those hours. You can create a sign for your office door that indicates you are working and when you are available. When I am deeply entrenched in work, I leave the door slightly ajar when my family is home. That is their sign not to disturb me until that door is fully open.


Setting up specific working times during each day has many benefits. First, you’ll be more consistent with your work. Once you’ve gotten used to starting and stopping …

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Focus on Your Potential

If you want to make more of your talents - live up to your full potential - you have to learn to use them. You have the power to change your habits - to acquire new skills and fully use the skills you now have. You can improve your performance, your productivity, and the quality of your whole life. What makes a high achiever? Is it luck, intelligence, talent, dedication? All of these things figure in - they all make a difference. But we all know intelligent, talented, hard-working people who do not consider themselves very successful or even happy. And we know people who are not exceptionally bright but seem happy and successful. So there must be something else, some secret to success. Actually there are several secrets to achieving your peak performance - living up to your full potential. Your success at business, friendship, love, sports - just about anything you try - is largely determined by your own self-image. Your unhappiness is something you choose. So, you're thinki…
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How to Identify Your Target Audience and Ideal Customer

One of the most important issues to address in your business life is identifying your target audience and ideal customer. Without honing in on a specific target audience, you run the risk of missing the mark. There are several easy steps to identify your target audience and ideal customer. Set Your Goals and Keep Your Goals One of the best ways to identify your target audience is by setting goals for your business. Once you have set identifiable goals, your ideal customer will present him or herself. Keeping true to those goals will ensure that your target audience and ideal customer will return time and again. Measure Your Goals Once you have established what your goals are, it is important to revisit those goals and measure them on a regular basis. A great way to measure your goals to see if they are up-to-date is to utilize social media. Have your customers or clients take a survey or enter a contest to see whether or not your company is meeting and exceedi…
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