A woman-owned business is designed to thrive. As women and small business owners, we have the ability to communicate, and even collaborate, in ways that other businesses might overlook due to their size and leadership. In order to capitalize on this unique stance within the business world, women must utilize all means of communication, which means taking our marketing strategies above and beyond, both online and offline. The two go hand-in-hand, and finding the correct balance – that sweet spot, if you will – is key. Here are four tips to help set you on the right path for becoming the marketing queen of your business.

  1. Stand Out! You’ve probably heard this before, but what does that really mean in terms of actually marketing your business? A business card is important, but in a meeting or a large conference, those things get shoved in pockets and briefcases faster than you can say “Call me!” Adding a memorable touch will give clients and prospects a reason to look for your card again when they need something. We like to tuck a traditional business card in our infamous PROMOrx screen cleaners – https://www.promorx.com/products/ipad-cleaning-cloth-full-color-logo (they also work for glasses!). Having our branding on both the business card and the screen cleaner gives us a boost, and the fact that we did something different than everybody else? That’s just icing on the marketing cake."4 Tips to Become the Marketing Queen"
  2. Be Social…on Social Media! It’s the trap of social media. We put our posts up and move onto the next thing. Without intention to interact and engage, an entire community of people is lost to you and to your businesses. Getting a ton of likes doesn’t count. Ask your followers questions. Answer those questions. If someone likes a post on Instagram, go to their page and leave a note of encouragement on one of their posts. Another key point? You don’t have to be everywhere! Determine where your audience is and pick the network where you will have the best chance of interacting with them, communicating, engaging, and…standing out.
  3. Follow Up! Have you ever received a handwritten thank you from a business, either after an event or after you’ve made a purchase? If you haven’t, it’s a pretty awesome feeling. Following up with your customers in this way hits on the two points we talked about above: being intentional in your business and standing out. It makes them feel special and unique and it shows you took the time to invest in them, and this works wonders in solidifying the relationship you have with the client, customer, or even prospect. When they need something, they’re going to remember the kind gesture, and come back to you and your business. So, follow-up after that networking event. Call. Send a handwritten note. Mail them some special company swag as a thank you.
  4. Stay Humble! If we’ve learned anything from Seth Godin’s latest book, This Is Marketing, it’s that the customer is always (always) the hero. So, in promoting your business, do so with pride, but don’t make yourself the central focus. Your customers will pick up on that and it will become very obvious that you’re only really doing this for you, and that won’t bode well when a customer is trying to make big decisions regarding their money – and most likely – their own business. Get to know your audience, and make it clear that solving their problems is the reason you’re in this business to begin with.

"4 Tips to Become the Marketing Queen"

In an ever-changing world, it’s easy to get sucked into one mode of marketing, but it’s important to see the value in both online and offline options. A smart marketing strategy will take advantage of both, creating a magic symbiosis that will make your business thrive. It may take some trial and error to see what best works for your particular business and clients, but remember: numbers don’t lie. Take a look at what’s working and refine what isn’t, but make sure you’re spreading your marketing to include both what’s best for your business and your target audience. Make the experience delightful for your customers, and they’ll return again and again.


About the author: Vickie MacFadden owns PROMOrx.com where she’s known as the MD – Marketing Doctor.  She’s a tell it like it is Southerner who talks easily about electric cars, eating organic or the book she’s reading. Vickie loves tech gadgets and tests much of the branded merchandise her company sells.

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