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The Boss of You

Throughout your life, many people have tried to shape your values and tell you what to believe, what to think, and what you should hold dear. Most, if not all of these people were well-intentioned, each of them imparting lessons learned through experience, and speaking from their own unique perspective. These people were your parents, your teachers, your spiritual leaders and your friends. Every one of them wanted the best for you…as they saw fit.

Now you’re an adult, and as you’ve probably figured out, nobody is the boss of you except for you. Even if you follow the requests (or orders) of someone you hold to be an authority, you’re doing so because you choose to do so because you respect that authority.

With that understanding, it’s important that you only do or say things that align with your chosen core values, whether those requests come from within, or someone else.

When you run across situations tha…

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Starting the New Year Right – 10 things to do Before Work

As you embark upon a New Year, it is the perfect time to reboot and rewire yourself for optimum success.  Achieving success begins with putting into practice the right habits. Habits that will help you reach your goals and aspire to set more goals that help you stretch and grow.

"Just like you need a good breakfast to fuel your day, you need a plan to fuel your success." Heidi Richards Mooney

In this three part series, I want to share tips that are intended to help you complete your tasks in an organized manner through proper preparation. “Fortune favors the prepared mind”, as Louis Pasteur said, so keep that quote in mind as you peruse this array of pre-work prep tips.

1 Make a list of your tasks for the day.

A simple checklist of the things you need to do can be surprisingly helpful at keeping you on track. Aside from ensuring that you don’t forget to …

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The Best Products Don’t SELL Themselves!

Just because you have the best product in the world doesn’t guarantee that you will be rich. If you have  been in business for a while, its likely you have heard the phrase: "build a better mousetrap, and the world will build a path to your doorstep." while it might still ring true, several decades ago, there really weren’t many products around. Yes it is true that there are inventions like the light bulb or the discovery of electricity, but there really wasn’t much competition for the Nobel Prize. Technology had not reached the stage where innovation and ingenuity was conceptualized as it is at today’s speed. When the term was coined, there weren’t a lot of ‘better’ mousetraps around. Today, better mousetraps are built on a daily basis. Just because you have a better product, doesn’t mean that the product will automatically sell itself and make you rich! Anything new or better was easily noticed by the masses because there wasn’t much competition. And people wer…
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