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What Matters Most

Values stem from our beliefs and convictions, which then guide and direct our behaviors. They are the essence of who each of us are, the foundation of our unique self-expression. Values help us to act with integrity, and when our life priorities are aligned with our values, we are well on our way to experiencing fulfillment in our lives. Whatever values a person has will help paint the picture of the life that person wants to live. What a person holds up as important on the inside ends up being reflected, just like a mirror, in the physical world around them. But if a person is not living in alignment with their values, a disconnect between who they are on the inside and the life they are living on the outside is then created. This disconnect can easily zap a person’s energy and derail them for their goals and dreams. To take the first step in determining the core values working just below the surface of who you are, take a few minutes to perform the following values ide…
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The Secret Keys of Persuasion

There are the aspects of persuasion that we all like to acknowledge, such as charm, wit, likeability, and agreement. Then there are those that tickle the part of our minds that fears losing out on something.

Those methods fall under the category of “Secret Keys,” because they’re extremely valuable and highly effective, and when you use them well, you can create profoundly positive results for yourself, those you love, and everyone around you.

Here are 3 that you can use almost anytime. 1.     Promise a Secret

People love to know what others don’t. We all love to hear secrets. If you promise to reveal something that was previously hidden, you will capture others’ attention quickly. Then when you give them the bit of secret information, you will have added value to their lives, which brings up our second point…

2.     The Law of Reciprocity

There is something funny that…

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