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Get Ready for the Holidays with These Ten Marketing Tips

Yes, there is still time to get ready for the holidays! Here are a ten tips to make for a more successful holiday season. 1. Review last year’s sales records. Compare them to prior years. This will help you “forecast” what you could do this season. Has your business seen a steady increase each year. Have you had poor sales one year and brisk the next? If so, what was happening in the world? Was the economy strong or weak? Did a natural disaster affect your business? You must consider all things possible when making your forecast. 2. Check inventory. Do you have items from last year that you need to sell? Can you sell them at full-price (such as traditional items)? These do not include the trendy seasonal items that reflected the times and would be considered outdated by your customers. 3. Review the items you have pre-ordered – it is amazing how quickly we forget all those wonderful things we purchased during gift and trade shows in anticipation of a good holiday. 4…
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12 Days of Christmas/Holiday Givewaway December 2018

Welcome to HER Business Listings Directory's First Annual Holiday Giveaway! We are delighted you are here. To help us celebrate, we have gathered gifts from our listed businesses. We believe you will enjoy them. In fact every day for the next 12 days we will be sending gifts to our audience, via email and social media. Want to get in on the action?  Simply LIST YOUR BUSINESS and we will promote your products/services too!  We have more than 20,000 on our email lists and more than 100,000 combined social media connections, all eager to see what we have to share. Day 1 Create 5 figure paydays with Alysa Rushton by learning exactly how to create & deliver a talk that builds your list and gets your ideal clients lining up to hire you! Yol Swan is offering a Free Soul Guided Video Course when you visit her website. Cornelia Ward has a Complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session - Learn how to create a career you love so you can have a job or business that really light…
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How to Get Current Customers to Refer You to Their Connections

In the past, marketers believed that one unhappy customer would tell 7 other people about their bad experience with a product or business.  Today that can be hundreds of people considering all the ways people can express their displeasure via social media and other online avenues. Conversely, before social media, online forums, emails and more, a happy customer may only have told one person about their great experience and today that too can be multiplied tenfold. How can you beat these odds to get more of your satisfied customers to spread the word about your products and services? Before sharing, the most important thing you need to do is to produce excellent content in a range of formats useful to the prospects in your niche, including: - Articles - Special reports on hot topics in your niche - Videos on YouTube - Images/infographics - Webinars - PowerPoint presentations on platforms like Slideshare - Emalls in your * email marketing platform and autoresponder -…
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