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Meet Lucy Dunne:
Lucy Dunne is the founder of Dunnebells, an online personal training company inspiring women all around the world to become the best version of themselves yet! After losing over 65lbs herself, Lucy is passionate about building an army, a tribe and creating something MUCH BIGGER than just another weight loss transformation, she knows that collectively we can have more of an impact than if we go it alone. Lucy works with local companies in Calgary to collaborate on exciting projects to bring to the community and create that magic that everyone needs in their life.

Online personal training specializing in transform the bodies, minds and lives of women around the world.

Established in 2017.

Dunnebells was started based on the demand of women wanting to receive this specialty style of personal training at an affordable price. Today, Dunnebells is a fast-growing company that still holds community as the #1 most important thing in business.

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